Tyshawn Colquitt, 23, made it through the blind auditions for NBC's "The Voice"this season. The Tyshawn you see on TV is talented, confident and, as he describes himself, flashy. He's a double threat: He can sing and cook. He's grounded by his family and faith, and he dreams of a bright future for himself and his siblings. Colquitt is all business when he's cooking in the kitchen at his family's apartment. He spends a lot of time whipping up a recipe he learned from his mother. "Pound cake was my absolute favorite of all time," he said. He combined that love for pound cake and his superb singing voice to create the family's business, Pound 4 Sound. "I'm the sound and this is the pound," Colquitt said. His family helps pack the individual cakes before he delivers them with a serenade. "I've always wanted to inspire my siblings and be the older brother that I knew that they deserved," he said. The oldest of 10 children, with two more on the way, Tyshawn takes the role of big brother seriously. So when "The Voice" came calling, he mustered up the courage to test his talents. "Am I good enough to be able to compete with the rest of them? And these people have amazing management teams and extravagant equipment with them and I don't have any of that. I'm like, 'Oh, I'm just me,'" he said. Being "just me" has proven to be enough so far. He wowed Jennifer Hudson with his falsetto. "I have to create a moment that is going to guarantee me a chair turn," he said. His trademark runs and range make him stand out. And the homemade sweets are just icing on the cake. "Something that seems so far-fetched but yet, here we are. In the harsh conditions that we've grown up in, it's possible. Nothing held me back from this opportunity and the only person that could would be myself," Colquitt said. He said auditioning for "The Voice" has been a wild adventure, and it's not over. "I can't wait to see what happens next," he said. Colquitt said he's grateful for all the love and support he's gotten from the community. ”

Mollie Lair Anchor/Reporter

The Blind Auditions @ THe Voice- next round "battles"

6 Time Apollo Winner

Summer of 2016 I became a 6 time winner at the Worlds Famous Apollo Theater in New York City!

Summer of 2016 I became a 6 time winner at the Worlds Famous Apollo Theater in New York City!

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